Saturday, August 16, 2014

first visit to a dermatologist

The first dermatologist appointment I can get is 4 weeks after my skin broke. It's a little too late but this is the earliest appointment I can get from any dermatologist around here.

acne breakouts, clogged pores, asian skin, hyper pigmentation, closed comedo, whiteheads
I got some steroid injections on the big cysts on this side of my cheeks. And they resolved well in a couple days. My lesson learned. I previously got injection from a doctor at medical spa. Not only it was super expensive ($200), but it didn't work at all. So if you have a serious acne, you need to see someone who deal with acne a lot. 

I got prescription of minocyclin 100mg, Fninacea gel, Sulfur face wash. I will do a review on these next week. I have to put pregnancy on hold while I'm using these medications. The doctor said I do not have any other choice. Or else I can just leave the acne alone and get pregnant. I can't really do that since my skin scar very easy. I would rather stop the breakout before it done too much damage than to spend a lot of money fixing the scars later. 

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