Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Accutane and Differin, the combo that saved my teenage life!

Years ago (in 1995) when I was still a teenager I had really bad hormonal acne. My doctor have tried many things on my skin from prescription antibiotics, Benzoyl, Salicylic acid, AHA, Sulfur...etc. Nothing worked on my skin. Finally she decided that the only way to stop my acne was to take Accutane. I was unsure at first because the medication was quite expensive and my parents was quite alarmed by the side effects they have read. But I have to say that was the best acne solution ever! After 3 months, I could see that my face gotten so much better. My friends actually noticed that I no longer have pimples on my face. At the same time I was also prescribed Differin gel. The combination made my face very dry. My scalp was flaky, my skin was flaky, my lips were always peeling. It went on for 6 months. Until my doctor decided that I would be ok to ease off from the dosage and finally stop all the meds altogether. I was graceful. My skin was acne free(for many years). I would say this is the combo that saved my teenage life. Nothing else worked on my skin.

After that my doctor put me through a course of Iontophoresis to get rid of the acne scars.

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